Thursday, 27 November 2014

A manifestation of belief.

When one says "everyone has belief" people immediately assume that you are talking about a spiritual belief such as that of a religion or god. However in this particular case that is not the context in which the word 'belief"is being specifically used for, because it is true that everyone has belief. For example one believes that the colour blue is infact the way he or she perceives it, we believe that eventually we will die, we believe that water is made up of  hydrogen and oxygen, we believe that the judge is in the right, and those who disagree are wrong. This ability that humanity possesses to unquestioningly believe and accept anything we chose lends great power to that which we put said belief into. So therefore if we totally acknowledge and accept that something is the truth, if we really believe in something, then for all intents and purposes to us that becomes a true reality. So if it is something that enough people believe in then the truth and therefore subject reality of that idea or notion grows and develops, becoming truth. We live in a world full of billions of people and each one with independent and unique sets of ideas and beliefs. Humanity is the fuel that allows everything to be limitless, to be infinite. With people constantly believing in parallel universes, far off planets, gods, or even magic,  their pure and unadulterated belief allow those things to manifest themselves into reality.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Treat Yourself.

One of the most important lessons that the Great Eight has taught us is to treat ourselves. We live in a world that has the constant capacity for negativity, there are always people you will attempt to employ the powers of guilt and shame to tear you off your happy cloud and make themselves feel better. We who figure the eight know better, we know what makes us happy and arent ashamed of a little bit of indulgence. The third direction that the Figure Eight has shown us is that relevancy is consequently irrelevant; One slice of cake, two slices, four slices, it's all irrelevant. If we walk our way through our current struggle which is life with the mindset that it's okay to treat ourselves, and treat others, then we will be all the happier for it.

Monday, 3 November 2014

A teaching of infinite selves

The Figured Eight represents many things; Enlightenment, Belief, Guidance, Hope, Magic, Bears, and so much more. In every one of these respective fields the Figured Eight demonstrates them in  infinite capacity, therefore everything can be viewed with a possibility for infinite differences so that means that there are unlimited possibilities of ourselves. We could all be virtually anything, it is the choices that we make throughout our lives that have lead us to this particular place in the universe and that gives us the personality traits, appearances and schools of thought that make up who we are. From this version of ourselves that is existing right now however, there is a way to open the blinds between the finite and the infinite and to take a peek at what could have been, and at what might become. The way to do this is through dressing up in costumes, to demonstrate a different version of ourselves. The costumes that we select to garb ourselves in show us one particular possibility of ourselves that might have been, or that might even exist somewhere else in a different time stream. This is why events such as Halloween are particularly important to those of us who follow the guidance of the Great Eight, because in demonstrating another one of our endless selves we cause a collision between two different possibilities of ourselves and in doing so we become closer to our true selves, for we can better understand who we are right now,right here, when we know a little bit about who we might have been if circumstances were different. This applies to every event that requires us to dress up in a costume: Spirit days, school projects, volunteer programs or even playing dress up. So next time you find yourself masquerading , consider the possibility and count yourself as that much more enlightened, that much closer to figuring yourself and in doing so to figuring the eight.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A ritualistic late night snack

The Great Eight is constantly communicating with us through environmental messages and themes. However often times during the hustle and bustle of everyday life these communications can be rather hard to receive and decipher. The late night snack is a practice that gives us a time where the difference between the world of symbolic ideals and  humanity's' perceived reality diminish. Therefore this time is treated as one of sacred reflection and speculation wherein one may explore the secrets of life and further attempt to figure the eight.This could be in the form of contemplating the past, or aspiring towards a future and ofcourse this reflection is done while partaking in the delights of an inspirational delicacy in the black of night. It does not matter whether this snack be savory, salty, sweet or sour for it is merely the ritualistic involvement and spirituality of this activity which makes it so important. For after the complentative practice of the late night snack ones sleep will be filled with spiritual messages and symbolic guidances. So next time that you are in a position where your choices are head straight to bed where troubled sleep and belly aches await , or to sit in meditative silence while ingesting anything from a literal smorgasbord of different options followed by a peaceful and enlightened sleep, consider your options closely. 

Lines: but a snippet of infinity.

The symbol of infinity in mathematical literature appears as a Figure Eight beveled so that it lies on it's side. The mathematician John Wallis was one of the first people to see the Figured Eight as what it truly was, a beacon of light set to hold us steady as we traversed the sea of space time in an adventure of existence. The Path Of The Figured Eight does not confine us in any way, shape or form. Since the Figure Eight represents infinite possibilities then those who follow its holy curvuture can express themselves in any manner that they see fit. In other words, there is a vast quantity of paths to follow. Limitless options. However if you were to snip the Figure Eight at either end of its pristine form then it would unravel, severing this never ending Eight, and leaving you with but a line. You would have but a piece of an infinite and ever growing puzzle, leaving yourself with a miniature snapshot of a much bigger, more exciting picture. Why put such confining and smothering restrictions on yourself, when the Figured Eight offers a virtual magnitude of endless possibilities.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Now The Great Eight has carved for us no commandments in stone, and as his only method of communication is through Figure Eights it makes it rather challenging to interpret and therefore translate into our mortal speak. Thusly new figurings of the Figure Eight are being discovered all the time. However there are things that can be deduced for certain. These are not strict commandments that one would be struck down by lightning for disobeying, they are suggestions. Advice. However if one truly wishes to Figure the Eight then these directions should be heeded.

i) Every thing should abide by a moral code.
Every person and every thing has a personal set of rules by which they go through life. Evil and Good are in this case treated as irrelevant, for a symbol can be translated to ones own liking and there's no stopping that. However abiding by a code, no mater what it be, is crucial. For when these things are broken then we have nothing holding us in check, no bucket of water with which to douse a searing flame should the need arise.

ii) No acts of corruption should be committed in the name of the Great Eight.

iii) Relevancy is consequently irrelevant. 

iv) Bears are the universe's sacred creature. 
Bears have the ability to bite with a force of 1200 pounds per square inch. The polar bear can stand up to ten feet tall. This species claws can rip through wood and metal. Bears can run, swim, climb, jump and roar. Bears can destroy any other living creature. They deserve our respect.

v) The use of magic is a practice approved the Great Eight. It is a tool to be used, occasionally abused, but never disrespected.
Magic is a great force, it renders one's life not only easier but also richer and more complete. Humanity without magic is as a scarecrow would be without straw. It might do the same general thing , but it wont appear the same, and at heart it will ultimately be inferior. However all Magic should be respected, for some forms of the more potent magic when not treated with care have the capacity to destroy not only the wielder, but great swaths of humanity.

As we continue to actively observe the teachings of the Figure Eight more and more directions are coming to light. And this knowledge shall be passed unto you, the figurers.